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REVIEW/VIDEO: Be Our Guest Restaurant

The time has finally come. I have been waiting for so long to dine in the amazing Be Our Guest restaurant and here is my review of the experience. I have created a video of all of the pictures from our dining experience and love sharing this with all of you. It all starts with a walk through an old gateway to a stone bridge and through wrought-iron gates with six beastly figures are featured along the sides. They represent the story of the Beast’s transformation as you enter a forbidden castle in the Fantasyland countryside. If you look up above the doors you can see the stained glass window with the story of how he becomes the Beast. It really looks beautiful lit up at night.

As you know Be Our Guest has 3 dining rooms: The Ballroom, the West Wing and the Rose Gallery (lunch only). We dined in the Ballroom that is decorated with a 20-foot ceiling with fluffy clouds and cherubs, sparkling chandeliers designed to convey the elegance of the Beast’s Castle in “Beauty and the Beast.” At the far end of the room, 18-foot-tall arched windows look out to the French countryside, where a light “snow” falls through the starry sky. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous everything looked. You really felt like the story has come to life and you were in it. We had a perfect view of the snowy window scenes and I loved watching the gentle snow fall and then change to harder snow when it grew windy. I want those window installations in my house. Our server said we were free to roam the castle so we explored the forbidden West Wing first. It is so dark in that dining room! All around you there is a royal purple wall paper that reminds me of the Haunted Mansion. There are ripped paintings and fabrics throughout the room. Over the fireplace is a portrait of the prince in human form slashed by claws. Watch closely when the lightning flashes the image changes from prince to Beast. In the corner is the enchanted rose in the bell jar slowly dropping petals as time runs out for the Beast. Over on the other side of Be Our Guest is the Rose Gallery. The restaurant will be serving a non-traditional quick service lunch only in this room. In the center of the Rose Gallery is a large music box nearly 7 feet tall of a twirling, larger-than-life figures of Belle and Beast. Adorned with rose accents, paintings and tapestries and intricate tile mosaics on the floor.

Okay enough of the atmosphere let’s talk about the best part, the food! They served us bread rolls and sea salted butter to start. One of their specialties is an all-natural fruit punch and lemonade topped with fruity foam. You can order just the drinks or in a magical goblet that changes colors. For appetizers, we ordered the French Onion Soup and the Potato Leek Soup. Both were really good. I loved the Potato Leek Soup. They puréed some of the potatoes which gave the soup a more creamy texture. I can’t wait to make this at home, it had great flavor. For entrees, our table ordered Pan-Seared Salmon on Leek Fondue, Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops, Rotisserie Cornish Hen, Thyme-Scented Pork Rack Chop and Layered Ratatouille. The presentations of all the plates were top notch. It all looked really pretty and appetizing. The Ratatouille vegetables were a little dry due to being sliced so thin. Thankfully, the quinoa and bell pepper sauce saved the plate. The Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops looked the most enticing. The puff pastry looked so light and delicate and the lobster sauce would soak up nicely with it. The Rotisserie Hen was heavily seasoned with tarragon. If you love that spice then this is the dish for you. The roasted fingerling potatoes were on the drier side. Salmon with Leek –Fondue was a hit. Cooked nicely with the creamy fondue beneath it and seasoned perfectly. The Thyme-Scented Pork Rack Chop was a big portion and served with a hearty helping of au-gratin macaroni and green beans. Everyone at the table was members of the clean plate club. At Be Our Guest the desserts are served table side. A rolling trolley of delights with assorted cream puffs and cupcakes, it is very hard to choose. We ordered the lemon-raspberry cream puff and triple chocolate cupcake. The lemon-raspberry cream puff was sugar free and you couldn’t tell. The only thing I wish is that the pastry itself was a little softer. The triple chocolate cupcake was the better of the two desserts and was very rich. We were also served a special dessert plate of “the grey stuff” and it was delicious. I don’t want to give away any hints as to what it is because I want you to be surprised for yourselves. All in all the experience was very special. To be able to be fully immersed into one of my favorite movies among people I care about is truly magical. I can’t wait to dine here again and try some more of the menu. Magic Kingdom finally has an elegant, charming and delectable table-service restaurant.
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  1. Hello Robin! Yes, you must try the grey stuff, it was wonderful and I liked it better than the other desserts on the menu.

  2. Great post! I had dinner there last week and it was HEAVENLY (Beauty and the Beast being my favorite movie). I had the ratatouille and it was wonderful! Cannot wait to return! The windows, the snow, the West Wing, the Enchanted Rose – all done perfectly perfect! Love! ºoº

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