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Pixelmania’s Mysteries of the Wilderness Lodge with Jim Korkis

This year I had the pleasure of attending Pixelmania. What is Pixelmania you ask? It is three day festival packed full of Disney, photography and friends. The event is put together by Tim Devine who is an amazing photographer and an excellent host. He is well-known in our Disney community for his fabulous photos and photography articles in Celebrations Magazine as well as his own website www.themagicinpixels.com.
Jim Korkis & Tim Devine
One event that I attended was called the Mysteries of the Wilderness Lodge with Jim Korkis. We were treated to two storylines of the Lodge. One is the back story the Walt Disney Imagineers created to explain the placement of particular objects and the other of the beautiful architecture and what it represents.  Jim is an incredible storyteller. He is very passionate on Disney history and making sure these stories stick around for years to come. I could listen to him all day and you can tell everyone was intently listening to everything he has to say. He knows such great details that would be overlooked if you didn’t take the time to really see there is a reason for it to be placed a certain way. His sense of humor and animated facial expressions really bring the stories to life. He is one of my Disney idols.  
                   Jim Korkis & Me
  Jim Korkis is a Disney historian who has written hundreds of articles on Disney. He comes from a teaching and an acting background as well as being a former Disney Cast Member. Jim has a relationship with the Disney Company that has spanned over thirty years. His current book called “Vault of Walt” is a remarkable read full of wonderful stories on Disney and much more. It can be purchased on Amazon .com. Pixelmania was a great experience and everyone was really friendly. I am hoping to attend again next year. Here is my video of one of the stories on our tour. I really hope you enjoy this!  
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