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Disney Store – Times Square, NYC

We had the pleasure of taking a VIP tour of the Disney Store in Times Square in New York City. Suzanne the General Manager was our host for the morning. She explained that we would be following the Pixie Dust blue trail on the floor of the store. It would take us through everything there is to see. All of us started the tour at the front of the store looking out the windows onto Broadway. Suzanne went over the significance of how some of the windows are open and some are covered/closed. Disney chose both so they could use new technology screens to advertise new sales they were having or to show the latest in previews for upcoming movies. This NYC store carries three special edition vinylmations that you can only purchase at this location. They are taxi, New York New York and graffiti. At this time they haven’t started trading but they are working on it. They also have specialty items that are located at the back left of the store. They switch them out as new ones become available. All the walls on the first floor are muted and decorated with characters. On the second floor the walls are decorated with different character sayings and NYC landscapes such as ice skating in Central Park. Most of the layout is like the Disney Stores in your local mall. 30 stores have this design and they are opening new ones in Puerto Rico, China and Toronto. There are the very unique tree stations along the second floor that are showing themes of spring. If you look carefully you can spot out some hidden Mickeys. There is a special Marvel section of the store that is exclusive to New York. They had some really amazing figurines that had serious detailing any Marvel fan would love. There is also a Ridemakerz Radiator Springs sector to make customized cars. They come in nine body styles and three characters to choose from. You can select a free wheel for $41.00 and the remote control for $58.00. Once your car is complete there is a special little key ceremony held for the new kid driver. Then there is the Princess area straight through the huge castle that is distinctive to this location which is the tallest of any Disney Store so far. They have dresses, accessories, and even singing dolls in the actual voice of the character. If you find your favorite Princesses wand make sure to wave it in front of the magic mirror for a wonderful surprise. To the left of the Princess section is the theater. Disney Store President Jim Fielding wanted a community space for people to gather around and enjoy themselves. People can have birthday parties, coloring space, trivia fun and the hoedown showdown dance. There are two large Ipads in front of the theater to select what to watch. It is mostly geared to the 2-12 age groups. The Disney Store is really geared up for the latest in technology from the theater, to the magic mirror and especially their mobile POS (point of sale) system. We were able to pay on the go for our items with a credit card and sign with a finger instead of a pen. I hope the next time you are in New York City you will get to experience a fun shopping day at the Disney Store Time Square.
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