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Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2011 (Day 2)

Second day of the Disney Social Media Moms Conference was packed full of discussion sessions with wonderful speakers from various media backgrounds. There were also visits from the Fairy Godmother, Minnie as Princess Leia and Duffy! Here is the list… Meg Crofton- President, Walt Disney World Resort She told us some amazing facts about Disney itself. • Disney is the largest purveyor of wine • There are 470 places to eat a meal or snack; you could not eat in the same place 3 times a day from now until August. • 1500 animals are on property and they have their own special kitchen! • Disney buses clock 20 million miles per year. • 35,000 different items are carried in Disney stores on property. Matt Jacobson – Head of Marketing Development for Facebook • He is the 8th employee hired at Facebook. • Facebook has global connections of 500 million users worldwide. • Moms are using Facebook to communicate with friends and family. • They also use to shop and find information on brands. • Build your brand on Facebook. • Go tell your story! Rene Syler– Good Enough Mother.com She had some of the most inspirational and moving things to say. It was great hearing her story. • Washed up is another word for reinvention • No one is going to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself • You may not know now what you want to do but you definitely know what you don’t want to do. • Everything happens for a reason • Real growth hurts, soul stretching growth, cry, learn, figure it out. • Follow your passion, you’ll never go wrong. Fran Capo– Motivational Speaker and World Record Holder for Fastest Talker Fran was a surprise speaker. We are thought she was a fellow Mom blogger sitting among us and then she rushed the stage and we all thought what is happening?!? She spoke of her exciting adventures through different experiences and gave us a little run through of the Three Little Pigs that was so fast! • Just say yes and figure it out later. • There is no such word as “can’t”. • Told a story of how she called an author for her sons book report since the question was what was the author thinking. Always think of things out of the box. • Live everyday as if it is your last, you don’t want to be doing laundry on that day. • Show yourself, be who you are. • Have to love yourself • Every single one of you has something special inside of you. Chris Brogan– President of Human Business Works • Make engaging communities, find the spark in someone and raise them up. • “DO” is very important. • Ask yourself “then what, then what…” • Give attention to get attention. • C- connections R- referrals A- attention/awareness P- presence. Susan Egan & Georgia Stitt– Actress and Composer Entertained us with music and Susan actually sang along to her character Meg in Hercules for one song. That was really cool to see. After a great day of all of these interesting speakers we went to Lights, Motors, ‘DJ’ Party hosted by Disney Junior on the Disney Channel in Hollywood Studios. Disney Junior is the new programming that took over for Disney Playhouse this winter. There was a surprise performance by Sharkey and Bones with the Neverland Band. Other Disney characters visited such as Captain Hook, Mr.Smee, and then Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. There was delicious food and desserts as well as a photo opt to take home as a souvenir. Special thanks to Tracie & Traci 😉 Stay tuned for Day Three and please feel free to leave a comment.   Disclosure: I paid to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. In exchange for my registration fee, I received deeply discounted rates on hotel, park tickets, events, meals, and swag. I am not required nor was I asked to write about the events by Disney or any other party affiliated with the event. Thoughts are 100% my own.
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