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Babycakes in Downtown Disney

Babycakes NYC has opened in the former McDonald’s space in Downtown Disney located between the West Side and Marketplace. Babycakes is a unique bakery that creates refined sugar-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, casein-free, egg-free, vegan and kosher baked goods. Before you panic and go what will this stuff tastes like with all the “free” stuff taken out. You will be surprised. I have been to their New York City location and it is delicious. They have cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, cakes, loaves, muffins, scones, brownies and cookie sandwiches. This bakery is a great place for people who have food allergies or intolerances. They use agave nectar to sweeten their creations and never use any chemical sweeteners. They also take orders for the holidays. Depending on what state you live in will determine which bakery to place the order through. You can follow Babycakes on twitter at @DTDBabycakesNYC or @BabycakesNYC. ORDERS
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