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Going to Walt Disney World?  It could be a trip with some friends, family vacation or a getaway with your significant other is always cause for fun times ahead. The best way to enjoy your vacation is to plan! Planning is a crucial part of having a great vacation. You need to make sure to allot enough time before you leave to put things into place. Here’s how you do it. Pick the right time of year to take your vacation. Florida can be really hot and humid especially in the summer months so you will want to visit when weather is a bit cooler. Spring and fall are the nicest times of the year to visit weather wise. As for the crowds late November and early December have smaller number of visitors. As well as part of January. Short lines and waiting times will allow you to view more of the rides and entertainment. If summer is the only time you can get to Disney, not to worry. Disney has been able to be quite efficient and effective in handling big crowds during their busy times of the year. Book ahead of time. Call your travel agent or your airline and get your reservations in place.  That way you can schedule your flight at a time that is best for you. You should also get in touch with the hotel where you will be staying.  If you’re going during peak seasons, there may be less availability. Your airline and hotel may have specials or discounts so it is always good to ask. Have a budget. A family of four will spend about $1,600 for a week of fun, including hotel room and entrance tickets if you buy during value season.  If staying off-site seems less expensive, check out the hotels that are located close to Disney.  Figure in your expenses for meals, gas and a rental car. Check all your options and don’t be afraid to shop around. Read up on Disney World. It has four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  There is a lot to do and is a big place to explore. Find out which rides are the most popular and figure out what time is best to view them. Certain times of the day the parks become very crowded. You can avoid long queues by knowing which rides have more crowds than others. Use a Fastpass for those long lined rides. Learn what time the park opens (get there early) and what time it closes. Take it easy and enjoy yourself. There is so much to do and see that it is very difficult to do it all in just one visit. Have fun with your family and enjoy your Disney vacation.
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