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Spring Cleaning with OXO and Method

Most of you know that I love OXO and how their products are the best at helping you save time and keep your home at its best. I’m so excited to be part of the Spring Cleaning with OXO campaign to get my kitchen in order and clean! Who knew that you could spruce up your kitchen sink area above and beyond to make cleaning dishes and access products a breeze?! When I unboxed these goodies and looked over each one, my little OCD heart skipped to delight to find a way to get organized. Spring Cleaning with OXO  

Spring Cleaning Products

This Spring Cleaning with OXO and Method Set included: Sink Organizer with Flip-Down Sponge Holder Dish Squeegee Large Sink Mat Palm Brush 16″ Turntable   Spring Cleaning with OXO   And these little beauties! Method is naturally derived and puts the hurt on the dirt and not on you or the planet. They look at the world through bright-green colored glasses and I love how they create biodegradable ingredients that still work hard to clean well.   Spring Cleaning with OXO   The Limited Edition Metallic All-Purpose cleaner from Method is inspired by warm and cool metallic home décor. It made cleaning the table off after lunch so easy and filled the room with a light citrus aroma.     Spring Cleaning with OXO   The Golden Citrus scent of zesty lemon, grapefruit & orange mix is a light aroma fragrance to perk you up as you clean up the dirty dishes. A little bit of this dish soap goes a long way and brings sophistication sink-side with it’s sleek bottle design and pump and fit well in the Sink Organizer. I have to say my favorite item in the Spring Cleaning with OXO set was the Sink Organizer with Flip-Down Sponge Holder. I love how it fits so nicely in the nook on the edge of my sink. The way the front panel folds down to lay the sponge in to dry and then you can lift the whole thing to drain the excess water out.   Spring Cleaning with OXO   Now the reality of ugly truths of stuck on food! The Dish Squeegee did a lot of the heavy lifting when getting the sauce cleaned off this bowl. The flexible silicone and the curved edges scraped over the sauce and the Palm Brush scrubbed out the glass pan that we baked the lasagna in. Less elbow grease!     Spring Cleaning with OXO   I have a white porcelain farm house kitchen sink and I am always worried it’s going to get scratched or dinged. I didn’t even know that you could get a Sink Mat to help protect the sink and your dishes from chipping when piling things up into the sink. Now I know it will be blemish-free and the water will still be able to flow freely beneath it.     Spring Cleaning with OXO   The last thing I tackled was the mess under the kitchen sink. So many cleaning products and supplies can get lost in the way back of the cabinet. I at one point had a basket in there but it was difficult to move the larger bottles in and out. I took a tip from OXO’s Good Tips Blog and placed the 16″ Turntable in it’s place and now not only do I have more space but I can easy access to all my cleaning products and they’re in place.   Thanks to OXO’s help, I am on a roll to keep the Spring cleaning momentum going. On to the next project for a happier Spring!   Disclosure: *I received product in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are my own. 
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