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Review: Beauty and the Beast 3D in Theatres

Over the weekend I saw a viewing of “Beauty and the Beast” in 3D. Let’s just say it was wonderful! I love the idea of getting to see some of our favorite Disney films on the big screen once again and in 3D. It’s like a whole new experience to a generation of Disney fans old and new. I really enjoyed hearing the familiar tunes of Belle, Be Our Guest, Gaston and Something There. It was fun getting to quietly sing along with the full theater surround sound. The 3D effects were so vivid and brilliant. The weather sequences particularly stood out to me. The rain and the snow looked so clear and real. I will also note that the Beast was scarier on the big screen than viewing it at home. I never realized how big and loud he is! This may be startling as you know to the younger audience. It was a real treat seeing the tale as old as time once more. The new short “Tangled Ever After” played before the movie. It was very funny! What a clever story to see what happens to Rapunzel and Flynn where the movie “Tangled” left off. You get to see the highlights of their royal wedding and who knows what crazy stuff may happen.  Disney does such a great job with these shorts. Here is a clip from “Tangled Ever After”:   “Like” Beauty and the Beast on Facebook: Beauty and the Beast returns to theatres for the first time in 3D on January 13th! Will you be seeing it?
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