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HoliDaze Drinks at Hollywood Studios

Hello everyone! We are so lucky to have Dana from The Dragyn’s Lair give us a review of the holiday drinks being offered at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You can also follow her on twitter here. Hey guys and dolls! This weekend I had the opportunity to hang out at Hollywood Studios and see that they had their HoliDaze specialty drinks listed. Ok I know maybe some of you aren’t too excited to celebrate the HoliDaze this early but can you blame me for having an excuse to try a new drink?! 😉
© DragynAlly
At High Octane Refreshments near the Studio Catering Co they serve some of these cheery libations. The list of drinks includes a HoliDaze margarita and a spiked apple cider.
© DragynAlly
The drink I was most excited to try was the Snowball. I LOVE cocktials that taste like milkshakes. And when I read the ingredients of this little drink milkshake is what immediately came to mind. Kahlua, Bailey’s, Amaretto and half and half all mixed together and topped with whip cream and cinnamon nutmeg (yes please!) I could already taste it! But as I have learned the hard way sometimes things don’t always taste as AMAZING in real life as they do in my head. Don’t get me wrong this is pretty yummy. It reminded me of a white Russian. It was creamy and sweet. But it was almost too sweet. And the Bailey’s took over the flavor. If you like Bailey’s that’s fine but if you don’t well this might be too much. I almost thought with all the sweet liquors mixed in this it almost needed a hard alcohol to balance out the flavor. Still it was a sweet and tasty drink that did remind me of the HoliDaze and yes tasted very similar to a milkshake.
© DragynAlly
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