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Discover Pandora – The World of Avatar

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel into deep space on an adventure to another world and be totally immersed into amazing beauty? That is exactly what happens when you visit the new land of Pandora- The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.   Nature and the supernatural collide with floating mountains and magical waterfalls. Brightly ornate floras bloom and the sounds of a new land of enchantment are all around you. You and the entire family are eco-tourists at the primary center of the Alpha Centauri Expeditions, also known as ACE.           There are two new attractions to guide you further into interplanetary adventures: Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey. On Flight of Passage you will get the closest experience to flight while exploring the world of Pandora flying on the back of a mountain banshee. It is a rite-of-passage for the Na’vi and you and your family will have the chance to fully immerse yourselves in this vivid and authentic attraction. It is hands down the most realistic and mesmerizing attraction I have ever ridden on. It was pure euphoria and joy soaring through the lush landscape of Pandora. As you exit the ride into Windtraders you will see exotic themed Pandora items. They can place your face onto an Avatar action figure or bring home your very own banshee!       On Na’vi River Journey come board a reed boat and drift along the river deep into the rainforest. In the Valley of Mo’ara you will be amazed by the unique bioluminescent plants and animal creatures all around you. As you travel further along the bend you will hear the soothing sounds of the Na’vi Shaman. She will sing of the sacred bond between nature and all of us. She is the most fluid and realistic looking creature I have ever seen at the Walt Disney World Resort.   Be sure to explore the lush landscape, pathways, bridges and mountains.There are so many intricate details that you won’t want to miss! Interact with the ACE tour guides, scientists and expats they will have stories of their journeys on how they came to live on Pandora.     Grab a cool, colorful Night Blossom at the Pongu Pongu which translates to Party Party or have a bountiful meal at Satu’li Canteen. In the evenings the exotic forest will come to life with a beautiful bioluminescence throughout the land.     All in all, I was completely in awe of Pandora- The World of Avatar. There’s a peacefulness to this land that coincides with Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s conservation and preservation of nature and our planet. This multi-sensory land is full of wonder and amazement that you will not want to miss. I hope you and your family will “SIvako”, as the Na’vi say,  and “Rise to the Challenge” on your next vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort.    
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