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Announcing the ‘365 In Home Disney Dining Challenge’!

Some of the girls of the MAGIC 24.7 Radio Crew are proud to announce a project that they feel will truly bring a whole new aspect on cooking with a Disney twist. Taken from the inspiration of Julie Powell in her journey to cook all of the famous Julia Child’s recipes, Ashley from www.acupofdisney.com, Mia from www.bibbidibobbidibake.com and Krystal from www.partnersbehindthemouse.com have teamed up to cook 365 days with Disney. The ‘365 In Home Disney Dining Challenge’ is being set up by them to showcase their cooking adventures of literally cooking one Disney style recipe every day of the coming year. This challenge will also give the different views from an expert cook, to a beloved baker and a busy stay at home mom. Starting Monday, March 26, 2012, and ending March 26, 2013, they will each blog twice a week by taking turns in cooking from famous Disney cooking books and more every day of the year. These recipes will include everything and anything from Disney inspired meals, desserts, drinks and more. You will be able to hop to each one of their blogs each day for a new recipe and how-to; complete with a difficulty key to let you in on just how much work you will be putting into each recipe. Each Sunday, their blogs will recap their cooking for the week. Each one of their blogs will also host a page with their completed recipes so you will have easy access to cook along with them in your home! Also, be listening each month for a recap show in the works to be on air on MAGIC 24.7 Radio. You will not want to miss this exciting and innovative project Ashley, Mia and Krystal are embarking on. Follow them on Twitter to keep up with more at Ashley @ACupofDisney, Mia @BibbidiBBakeM and Krystal @MagicalDisMom. They are excited to be bringing Disney Dining home every single day of the week and encourage you to cook along with them all year long.
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